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The St. Mary's Guide Company, and our expertise for fishing the St. Mary's River, is  periodically mentioned in various articles , magazines, and books. Listed below are a few of those articles.  The St. Mary's Guide Company also had the opportunity to be included in a tv episode of 'Due North Outdoors'  which aired on April 23, 2014.

LMR Custom Rods & Tackle  'Spinning the Compass'

July 2014

Captain Dennis guides Marty and Martini Arostegui, who travel the world fishing exotic locations, as they catch landlocked Atlantic Salmon in the St. Mary's River, and potentially break a half-dozen potential IGFA World Records in various line tests.

Due North Outdoors   'Lake Superior Road Trip'

Aired on April 23, 2014

Captain Travis was filmed while fishing for smallmouth bass on the St. Mary's River .

RS Productions, #1415



Fly Fishing the Inland Oceans: An Angler's Guide to Finding and Catching Fish in the Great lakes

by Jerry Drakes

Copyright 2013 , 336p. Published by Stackpole

A comprehensive look at fly-fishing techniques used on the Great Lakes



Great Lakes Angler Magazine   'Best Ports Across the Great Lakes'

June/July 2013

Best Ports: A totally UN-objective look at great places to fish across the Great Lakes.



Michigan Sportsman Magazine  'May's Best Angling in Michigan'

May 2012

Article written by Ken Freel on fish and fishing locations in the state of Michigan in May. Ken Freel and Eric Eckard accompanied Captain Travis White to Whitefish Bay for Salmon and Trout.



Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine    Saint Marys River, MI/Ontario  'The Salmon of Summer'

July/August 2011

Article on fishing the St. Mary's River by Jerry Darkes



Michigan Outdoor News  'Evolution of a Charter Boat' 

May 2010

Article written by Mike Schoonveld on a day of fishing with Capt. Travis White and the changes of Michigan's charter boat industry and economy.

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