Catch and Release

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“A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once. The fish you release is your gift to another angler.


-Lee Wulff  Handbook of freshwater fishing, 1938  

Our Catch and Release Philosophy

Our Catch and Release Philosophy


Good conservation practices will ensure the sustainability of our fisheries and provide future angling opportunites for generations to come. St. Mary's Guide Co. prefers to enjoy the catch, photograph our clients with fish for a memory, then release the fish to fight again another day. 


St. Mary's Guide Co.  participated in a fish tagging program in cooperation with the LSSU Aquatic Research Laboratory in 2011. Many factors attribute to a successful fishing season on the St. Mary's River, however, the tagging study confirmed our beliefs that we were recapturing the same salmon multiple times, suggesting the possibility of overharvesting.


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How to properly Catch and Release a Fish

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